Soap Lavender & Himalayan Salt

Soap Lavender & Himalayan Salt

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Lavender & Himalayan Pink Salt SOAP  


Handmade soap right here in Lake City, Colorado by yours truly! I’ve been making soap for years and I still Love it! 

My soaps are formulated with the best ingredients to make a quality, solid, sudsy bar of soap. Loaded with lots of healthy goodness for the skin. Light exfoliating bar with Organic Himalayan pink salt JUST on the top edge of the bars, not mixed into the bar. 

•NOTE• Made with Organic coconut oil and Palm oil. 

Feed your skin and wash the day away with my soaps!
Approved by my grease monkey husband. “It gets the grease out”. What could be better than that?!? No ingredients that you can’t pronounce either. 


  • Organic Coconut Oil (solid)
  • Palm Oil (solid) 
  • Shea butter (solid)
  • Real Beeswax (solid)
  • Organic Olive oil
  • Organic Sweet Almond oil
  • Organic Avocado oil 
  • Cosmetic grade Lavender mica
  • Organic Himalayan Pink Salt granules layered on top edge of bar only. 
  • Organic Lavender Buds on tops of bars only
  • Sodium Hydroxide
  • Water
  • NOW brand Lavender Essential Oil

Approx. 5oz bars

A beautiful blend of Essential oil & Moisturizing oils   to awaken your pores, feed your skin and your senses! Get ready for the day and refresh, refresh, refresh!