Mahogany Balsam Soy Candle

Mahogany Balsam Soy Candle

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Mahogany Balsam

Juniper Berry-Balsam-Citrus Mahogany

Soy Candle

A unique wintery twist adds a cozy vibe to the woodsy fir balsam and fresh pine needles combination, beloved by those who appreciate Mahogany and Balsam scents

Note Profile:

  • Top:  Green Balsam
  • Middle: Juniper Berries
  • Bottom: Mahogany, Citrus


  • 9 ounce Amber glass jar with gold screw cap
  • 100% Pure soy wax
  • hand-poured in a Lake City, CO
  • lead free wick
  • custom simple, rustic labels
  • candle burning warning sticker
  • Shipping Included