Incense Variety 40 Pack
Incense Variety 40 Pack

Incense Variety 40 Pack

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40 Pack of hand-crafted incense.

Incense is an aromatic biological material that produces fragrant smoke when burned. Made of plant materials and essential Or fragrance oils, incense is used for ambiance, therapy, meditation, and many other uses. Incense generally comes in two forms, indirect burning and direct burning

Indirect burning incense is a loose resin that requires a constant separate heat source to keep the substance burning, while direct burning incense is lit and fanned out shortly after to create a glowing ember that will slowly burn down the piece of incense, releasing aromatic smoke. 

My incense is direct burning incense. Hand crafted right here in Lake City, Colorado at Cabin Fever Mercantile! Fragrance oils are mixed, combined with DPG clear liquid to keep the sticks from pitting off a black resin when lit. 

•These are Fragrance oils used, not Essential oils. 

Variety Pack includes:

  • 10-Blackberry Sage
  • 10-Patchouli
  • 10-Rainwater
  • 10-Pepperberry

All best sellers and very popular! 

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