Fragrance Roll On, Lavender Sage
Fragrance Roll On, Lavender Sage
Fragrance Roll On, Lavender Sage

Fragrance Roll On, Lavender Sage

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Start any day with a fragrance lift! Take it with you anywhere! A simple perfume roll-on of Pure Lavender Essential oil blended with a rustic, grounding Sage Essential oil. An amazing best selling blend. Give your mood a boost! Essential oils blended with unscented Sweet Almond Carrier Oil. 

Product description:

  • Lavender Essential oil 
  • Sage Essential oil
  • Sweet Almond Carrier oil
  • Amber glass Tube
  • plastic roller ball for easy, smooth application
  • Black screw cap
  • custom labels
  • Mercantile Made in Lake City, Colorado 

Lavender Essential oil benefits:

  • Symptoms of premenstrual tension.
  • Increased sleep quality
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Assists in wound healing
  • Migraine headache relief
  • Antimicrobial action

Sage Essential oil Benefits:

uplifting to the senses and has been thought to even ease an unfavorable mood. The scent of sage oil has been said to cerebrally stimulate and balance the mind and emotional body. Slightly minty with an earthy tone, sage has a warmth and herbaceousness that is aromatically grounding and purifying

*Don’t apply near eyes or mouth. Keep out of reach of children and pets