Fragrance Roll On, Dirty Hippie
Fragrance Roll On, Dirty Hippie

Fragrance Roll On, Dirty Hippie

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Start any day with a fragrance lift! Take it with you anywhere! A simple perfume roll-on of Pure stout Patchouli Essential oil blended with a mildly spicy Nutmeg Essential oil. An amazing best selling blend. Give your mood a boost! Essential oils blended with unscented Sweet Almond Carrier Oil. 

Product description:

  • Patchouli Essential oil 
  • Nutmeg Essential oil
  • Sweet Almond Carrier oil
  • Amber glass Tube
  • plastic roller ball for easy, smooth application
  • Black screw cap
  • custom labels
  • Mercantile Made in Lake City, Colorado 

Patchouli Essential oil benefits:

  • Treats Respiratory Problems.
  • Relieves Pain And Inflammation.
  • Relaxes The Mind.
  • Augments Skin And Hair Health.
  • Repels Insects.
  • Promotes Oral Health.
  • Facilitates Wound Healing.
  • Boosts Libido.

Nutmeg Essential oil Benefits:

  • relieves joint pain
  • elevates mood
  • regulates menstrual cycles
  • hormones in women
  • treat the common cold, lung problems

*Don’t apply near eyes or mouth. Keep out of reach of children and pets