Beanie, Golden Hour, Knitted

Beanie, Golden Hour, Knitted

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Hit the slopes, take a hike, get out of the house in style and warmth! Mercantile Made Beanies are a must have! Adult Regular fit. Knitted in the round, this super bulky beanie is so cozy, warm and SOFT! Large Pom is made with faux wolf fur. Bundle up and be the envy of your friends! 

  • Hand-Dyed 'THE WOOL’ yarn is 100% Merino Wool
  • Versatile Wear from Youth Large to Adult regular
  • 100% Merino Wool
  • Faux fur pom, TIED on so it can be removed when washing hat. 
  • Not Lined- No need to be. 
  • Leather Cabin Fever Mercantile-Lake City, Colorado Beanie tag with rivets (new tags)

Washing instructions:

  • Untie Pom from inside of beanie, remove and set aside. (Don’t wash or dry pom)
  • Wash in cool temp/gentle cycle
  • Lay flat to dry!  It’s wool yarn. 
  • when dry, re-tie pom back onto top of beanie. tie in a tight bow.